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With regard to Diners, you will work so that the experience is perceived as exclusive and as an option of quality experience unique and exceptional; Custom, According to the type of Market Segment we adapt the values and services to their specific needs. You can create packages of experiences, in accordance with the requirements of a Diner or generate a type of event to foster the creation of a Storytelling (a user experience of an event that relates to any part of the product advertised, for example, two Diners fall in love with professional seo service india engaging in a conversation about a box of Japanese exports, an artist at the dinner and that history is done to know with the social networks. For an Advertiser access to their audience, creating sensations through the experience is the most successful). The Business will take special interest in the concept of Design, since the design, in our Model, it is one of the most important factors, although being a factor that is hardly measurable. The fact that the environment of the events to be Exclusive, for a limited number of Diners very interested in the topic and the presenter at notable places by their location and atmosphere, is one of the factors most prominent and attractive and is an essential part of our value proposition.

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Another value proposition is the Brand/Status: we will employ the advertisers to display their brands to specific events because they will want to relate to the Status and company of our Company. In the same way Diners will want to be small business local seo part of the table event because you will be able to broadcast his exclusive participation to their social environments, promotion Nan do the Business, the brands and their status through their social networks, sharing the edited videos. The Cost Reduction is very important, it will create value of the product thereby reducing costs in the dissemination of the products via the cloud, and messages generated by the users on their own social networks, in this way we will help the Advertisers to reduce advertising costs. A value proposition is fundamental to the Accessibility, we will create value in our product by putting at the disposal of anyone who wishes to browse the channels by navigating through our website and social networks, but only a limited number of professional seo service india people will have access to the products. This is possible because it is an innovative business model, and you can combine the two concepts of accessibility.


Surely also exist proposals to the letter for the Customers, Diners, tuned to different types of capital, in which it will be linked to the advertisers or to produce visual documents of the same for social networks. All of these qualities must be reflected on our Website and in our SEO strategy, for example when you choose the keywords that define our products and services. We do not share the characteristics of the business models that provide: comfort products that make things easy usefulness (practical products) reduction of risks (products warranties) price (offer services at a lower cost than the competitors while being of worse quality) or work done (for support or maintenance). The channels define the way in which a company communicates with different Clients or Market Segments, in order to reach them and to offer our Value Propositions (services and products). Our channels have the following functions: DAR to know the Customer for the products: thanks to the Web and social media channels with all Customers (guests and Advertisers) will be able to know the service that we offer.

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This is the fundamental reason why it is visit more necessary to include a positioning strategy within the design of the Business Models that use this type of channels. Adar Customers evaluate the value proposition of the Company: This will be one of the strong draws of diffusion through the social channels, the number of Tweets, likes, visits and links to the Web will define the success of advertising and social Business, so you will have sufficient data to assess if the value proposition of the Companies or not interesting for, on the one hand, to be a channel of dissemination of advertising professional seo service india for Advertisers, on the other, if this is the experience that the User wants to live and share.